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10.12.12 - news about nothing
Added San-Franciso Section with full resolution pictures. Goin' to add more soon!
24.09.12 - news about nothing
Added Antelope-Canyon Section with full resolution pictures. Feel free to use them, as long as you mention my name with them! More to come soon ... stay tuned.
22.07.12 - news about nothing
New Photo-RX100 Section - More Photos to come
16.04.12 - news about nothing
New pictures from Amsterdam online - have fun watching =)
09.03.12 - news about nothing
After 2 years I'm back and will update some more stuff soon. Check out the new Rome gallery until then!

28.02.10 - news about nothing
HNY to all readers. Sorry for beeing late with my latest update, but I've had quite a busy time. I will update the page in the next few days, for now there are 2 new pictures in the GFX-Section.

23.09.09 - news about nothing
- Photographs updated
- Casio-Section added

26.03.09 - news about nothing
- Photographs updated
- Skiing-Section added
- Nature-Section removed

04.02.09 - news about nothing
- enter redirected
- 3 work-in-progress pictures in Work::Audi_Boat
- 3 new pictures in Photographs::GFX

02.02.09 - news about nothing
- Split up Photographs section into Work and Photographs section
- Portrait section update
- minor design changes

31.01.09 - It's done!
Hey to all the readers out there! It's done. I've uploaded some pictures in the photo-section, just take a look if you're interested. Feedback is always welcome!

Big thanks to everyone who helped me with the project!

My family,
Mark Shippard (Project leader),
G√ľnther Riedl (R-Yacht),
Marc Ischepp,
Marek Simko,
Franziska v. Breitenbuch,

So, here I come diploma!

09.01.09 - Modelwork
Hello and sorry for not posting so long, but a lot has been going on. First of all, due to the mass off information I gathered in the last 3 months, I decided to restart my whole project in mid-december. It was a very big step for me, but so far, it worked out quite well. Have a look in the Sketch-Sections Boat Gallery.

Second, the KTM-Ax has gotten a lot of publicity in the last few weeks:


22.10.08 - Project start
A little update for all the readers out there. My Project this term will be a DaySailer, and I can't tell you how eager I am to do it! I also have to find 2 more Ideas for my diploma... shouldn't be a problem either. Some sketches will be up tomorrow...

07.10.08 - Updates
Some improvements in Structure and Code.

06.10.08 - V1.0 is finished!
Welcome to my new page.